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Tactics considerations for a short single serve

single badminton tactic


– The surcharge will be about 1m. running behind the T-line so I’m right to cover the whole field


– The serve must fly fast and land well behind the T-line, so that my opponent has a deep meeting place and can not play too close to the net


– All serve with either the forehand or backhand

so I can play the same movement and high impact and swip





– take the elbow actively in front of the body and the club head over the hand

so that you can quickly move the racket in all directions with lightweight shuttlecocks (early zero position)


– Take a small step to the side and take your right foot forward

so that you can reach the fast longline ball with a jump


– Stand upright with your knees slightly bent and only on the front foot

so that you can start quickly or jump directly






– If you reach the ball with a direct jump:

– Smash on the body

– very fast and flat attacking clause (much cross)

– faster picked drop on the free field side

Speed!! Since you are very early on the ball and your opponent is still moving.


– If you reach the ball high, but only at the baseline:

– longline attacking clear

longline Half smash

– very sharp cross drop

Control attack !! Since you are standing far back and your opponent is pretty sure.


– If you reach the ball laterally in the lunge step:

– drop faster behind the T-line

– high longline clear (not on the sideline but in the middle)

– sharp and flat longline drive

Neutralize!! Since you have a bad meeting place and must go to the middle of the field


front field

– When you reach the ball at the top of the net:

– direct cross swip

– Push on the body

Speed!! Since you are very early on the ball and your opponent is still moving


– When you reach the ball in the middle net height:

– Scarce net game with a lot of cut

– Fined/delayed swip or stop

– Increasing swip over your opponent (he has to turn !!)

Control!! Since you can not make direct pressure you have to prepare precisely.


– If you reach the ball down in the deep lunge –

– high underhand Clear (not on the sideline but in the middle)

– fast cross game on the net ( NOTHING !! only if not high)

– To free!! Since you have a bad meeting place and must go to the middle of the field




– Take the elbow directly in front of the body again

so that you can reach the next ball again early


– Come back as soon as possible balance = calm upper body

so that you have control for the next run / jump again


– If you made speed – try to follow up / continue to attack

because your opponent still has no balance


– When you have freed yourself – try to get into a quiet, defensive stance in the back of the field


So that you can reach the attack blows of your opponent well


Why Dual Flush Toilets?


Conservation of natural resources and energy is one of the key factors for Green Earth. To achieve it, many energy conservative gadgets have been devised. The dual flush toilet is one of these gadgets. It saves water and ultimately cuts your water bills. Magic Plumbing service in San Francisco supports the Green Earth mission promoting dual flush toilet and offering installation and repair services.


What Is The Difference In Dual Flush Toilet And Traditional Toilet?


Traditional toilets have 1.6 gallons of the water tank. When you flush it, 1.6-gallon freshwater is discharged into the sewer. Imagine how much water is wasted in a year as liquid wastes can be drained in less amount of water. Dual flush toilet solves this problem of overuse of water and also provides two flushing options. The low volume flush discharges 0.8-gallon water while high volume option can be used to drain solid wastes. Using a low volume option for liquid wastes, you can save 0.8-gallon water like the latest portable camping toilets. This accumulates a pretty good amount of water over a large time span. Saving water helps to cut down water bills too. If you want to install a dual flush toilet or want to replace the existing traditional toilet with dual flush, call Magic Plumbing and we will do it immediately.


Coral Shower Door


After its beginning in 1976, Coral Shower Doors quickly claimed a place in the manufacturing arena of shower doors. Over a period of ten years, coral has grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of quality bath enclosures. With fewer than 10 employees in 1976, now employs over 400 workers who produce a complete line of shower and bath doors, from a standard bypass, swing and pivot units, to custom designed shower enclosures, built to accommodate most arrangements and sizes. 


From injection molding of plastic and vinyl parts to fabrication of aluminum, to complete assembly, each step takes place under rigid quality standards, resulting in completed products which meet and exceed customer’s expectations.


Committed to service that meets your needs. “Excelling in innovations that work for you!” has become a company motto and philosophy that drives not only the everyday operations but also the plans for future growth.


It is from such a philosophy that many branches of Coral Shower Doors have developed. Early in its history, Coral Shower Doors began its own trucking division, Central Alabama Transport. Realizing that delivery is an integral part of meeting customers’ needs.


In 1989, Coral Shower Doors formed its Glass Division and began producing its own tempered, custom sized glass. Since that time, the glass division has expanded considerably in size and capabilities.


Coral Doors latest endeavor is the development of an Architectural Division. As with other branches of the company, Coral Shower Doors Architectural Division is dedicated to the same high level of service, commitment to customers’ needs, and production of quality and right products.

How to Choose a Food Processor


If you entertain usually, a food processor can be a lifesaver. Even if you’re just cooking for your family, it can save time and let you combine several functions in one appliance.


  1. Inspect your need for a food processor. If you preparing food for large amounts of people and would often use the slicing, shredding, cutting, chopping and other functions of a best food processors in market, you may be a candidate for buying one which saves time. 
  1. Consider the capacity or size you require. A 2- or 7-c. the bowl is likely to be big enough unless you usually make large quantities of food.
  1. Decide whether you need any extra slicing or shredding discs. Most food processors are sufficient without extras, but you may want to add discs now or later.
  1. Check special features such as mini bowls, feed chutes, and a number of speeds, pulsing function and whether blades are reversible. 
  1. Look for a juicing function if you’re interested in making fruit or vegetable juices.
  1. Check that the parts are dishwasher-safe. This saves cleanup time.
  1. Read warranty period carefully, and check on service options and replaceable parts also.



If you aren’t likely to drag out an appliance to grate cheese or shred carrots because it’s easier to do it yourself manually, you probably don’t need a food processor.

The heavier the base of your food processor, the less likely it is to move around when it’s being used.

The larger the bowl of the food processor, the more it’s likely to cost.

Make sure you have storage space for a food processor. It can be bulky, especially if it comes with extra discs and bowls.

Healthier Ice Cream Options

The traditional homemade ice cream ingredients make up a wonderful, rich and creamy ice cream, but are high in calories and fat. The higher fat version makes a tasty treat now and then, but if you and your family like to eat ice cream quite often then learning how to create healthier versions of ice cream is a good idea. By replacing high-fat milk and cream with lower fat dairy products, you can reduce the amount of fat and calories by using amazing ice shavers in the market. Adding gelatin will give you the creamy consistency that you would expect from good ice cream, without the additional fat. You can also add healthy fruits and berries to your ingredients to give your dessert a vitamin boost.

healthier ice creams flavors

It is reassuring to know which ingredients are being used to make your homemade ice cream. By making sure to choose fresh, high quality ingredients, you will end up with a high quality ice cream. Of course, most good ice cream makers are able to make more than just ice cream. You can also make sherbet, fruity sorbet, frozen yogurt or frozen yogurt smoothies. Smoothies are a terrific dessert and if made with the right ingredients are a healthy treat. Even the children who do not enjoy eating fruit are likely to enjoy a fresh banana smoothie. Have your kids choose their favorite fruits and berries or try out different fruit combinations to see which ones they like the best.

Having Fun with Your Ice Cream Maker

Parents and grandparents are always on the lookout for fun things to do with the kids at home. Making ice cream will keep kids busy on a lazy Sunday afternoon or during the summer holidays. Kids particularly enjoy using the hand crank machines, and most do not mind the time involved in making their own dessert. To make it even more fun, have hot fudge sauce, sprinkles and other ice cream toppings on hand. Once the ice cream is ready, you can help kids make their own unique sundaes. Older children and teens can have fun making ice cream on their own or with one of their friends. Making homemade ice cream during birthday parties is another fun idea, your kid’s party guests will love helping to make ice cream or smoothies, especially if they have never made frozen desserts before.

You can use your ice cream machine to make any of your favorite holiday specials. Preparing homemade ice cream as a family will make a holiday a memorable event, and can become a fun holiday tradition. Choose a recipe that matches the holiday you are celebrating. You could make mint or candy cane ice cream at Christmastime, or add a touch of food coloring to make special pink ice cream for Valentine’s Day or a green batch of ice cream for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Making Your Own Special Ice Cream Recipes

top ice cream for healthy life

Having the chance to try out different ice cream recipes is one of the best parts of owning an ice cream maker. You can experiment with all sorts of flavors and have the chance to try out tons of unique flavor combinations. You do not have to search for your favorite flavors in the frozen dessert aisle at the supermarket, or wait for an ice cream company to invent it. You can come up with all sorts of fantastic flavor creations right in your own kitchen. Why pay more money for a small container of specialty ice cream when you can make up your own fresh batch at home? The best brands of grocery store ice creams cannot compete with the taste of fresh homemade ice cream. Whether you choose to copy your favorite store brand ice cream or create a whole new ice cream recipe, the ice cream you make in your kitchen is sure to be a fresh and delicious treat.

Types Of Toilets

Here are the types of toilets recommended out below which will cover all types of toilets available around the world. Like every many other inventions on this earth, toilets are also invented and modernized by humans. Human has made different types of toilets according to their needs. These types used at different from place to place. Your first decision should make when it comes to buying a new toilet is which type of toilet it is. Toilet type is outlined by the basic method a toilet uses to flush down and dispose of waste. The type of toilet you select then give instructions about the best style and flushing technology for you.
The main choices for types of toilets are gravity-feed, pressure-assisted, double-cyclone, and waterless.

Types Of Toilets

Types Of Toilets:

1. Gravity-feed Toilets:

The most common and old modern type of toilet in North America is a gravity-feed toilet which simply uses gravity to flush down waste. A toilet tank keeps water that drops down into the bowl when the flush valve is pushed down. The water is moving through the bowl then pushes the waste outside through the trapway. Most gravity-feed toilets make use of a siphoning action in the bowl. The movement of this flush is manufactured to help clean the bowl. Gravity-feed toilets are famous for their quiet flushing action their small list of moving parts means maintenance is minimal and repairs are also easy.

2. Pressure-assisted Toilets:

The focus of a pressure-assisted toilet is its powerful flushing action. A system of pressurized air forces water from the tank into the bowl is much more powerful than a gravity-feed toilet. However the flushing system is much louder than a gravity-feed toilet, it is also much more effective and even the waste is flushed out far faster and with more force.

3. Double-cyclone Toilets:

Double-cyclone toilets are almost new technology that is yet to determine. These toilets use a minimum amount of water per flush yet still deliver an amazing amount of flushing power to the table. Instead of using holes in the rim of the bowl to supply water for the flush, two nozzles along with the rim hand over the flush for a double-cyclone toilet. Even though water savings with each flush are essential, they certainly add up to make a big difference in your monthly water bill.

4. Waterless Toilet:

Self-contained waterless toilets are available for positions of without water or plumbing. They are used on worksites, during home remodeling projects, camping and in similar situations too. This unit doesn’t use water and then waste is collected in storage underneath the toilet seat.

5. Dual-Flush Toilet:

The dual-flush toilet is very quickly growing in popularity because of its water-saving benefits. Dual-flush toilets are a combination of gravity-feed and pressure-assisted toilets. You can select between half flush or full flush every time you empty the bowl. A half flush cleans the toilet with a gravity-feed system and for the full flush that clears the toilet with a pressure-assisted system.

Here we listed out below are the four most popular types of toilets according to the shape and function of the toilets are two-piece, one-piece, wall-hang, and smart toilets.

After reviewing the types above and considering your family’s needs, you can confidently choose the perfect toilet for your home.

Types Of Inflatable Boats

Most of us have a dream of being out on the open water and few of us are able to realize and enjoy it. The main reasons for this are that most of us do not stay near open water and the one who has a love for water definitely needs some form of transportation on the water. Either you want to go fishing, find new beaches for chilling out, go kayaking or need tender for the larger boat then you should think of inflatable boats.
Inflatable boats can be great, but a lot of people upset about their choice. Because of that, they buy the wrong kind of boat. Inflatable boats are amazing for recreational trips on a lake, fishing tour, and even have the capacity to add a motor should you want to get up to speed on the water. So here we outlined the types of inflatable boats.

inflatable boat

Types Of Inflatable Boats:

1. Yacht Tenders:

This category is perfect for first-time boat buyers, or for anyone looking for a practical all-purpose boat offering maximum safety and stability at a reasonable price. The size of boats in this type ranges from about 6 feet up to 20 feet. There are four types of inflatable boats of clearly different hull or bottom configurations applicable in a modern yacht tender inflatable:
The floors of these inflatable boats contain a layer of fabric and slats running across the beam. They are generally painted or stained and are about 4 inches in width. The slatted floor system is usually found in inflatables from about 6 to 8 feet in length only, even there is no need for performance.

2. V-hull (wood or inflatable keel):

This boat consists of a separate longitudinal inflation tube or wood keel which is located beneath the floorboards. Once if inflated, it provides a moderate V-keel at the bow of the boats by pressing the fabric floor down and takes away from the floorboards. Handling and performance are extremely improved as the keel cuts through the water cleanly. In addition, it has the extra buoyancy and flotation.

3. High-performance hulls:

Here are conventional inflatables to inflatables providing high speed coupled with excellent handling. But, this added performance can create a false sense of security and may lead to boating accidents. These boats are suggested for more experienced boaters. An example of a high-performance hull would be Zodiac’s Futura model. The patented Futura hull has smaller “speed tubes” connected down the regular collar.

4. Rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIB’s):

The advantages of the RIB are quickly seen in increased performance and handling, coupled with versatility, stability and passenger comfort. The smaller rigid-hulled inflatables build great yacht tenders for larger yachts, even though the larger RIBs make perfect water sports or fishing boats, especially because of their flotation, stability, and safety. Also, many of the RIBs provide removable collars making storage, maintenance and repairs much easier and suitable.

Inflatable Raft

Inflatable raft usually assigns to an inflatable boat suited mostly for water fun and play. They will have inflatable floors forming them comfortable to sit on and jump around, which feel great for a day at the beach with kids. As the price rate increases, the rafts get bigger and more characteristics are added, such as multiple air chambers, safety valves, grab ropes, multiple handles, or clasps, fishing rod holders, or even motor mounts and an inflatable keel for added flexibility.

Inflatable Pontoon Boat

These types of boat are most popular for fisherman.  An inflatable pontoon boat is designed of 2 large air tubes, which are keeping together by a curved air bladder or a metal frame. The seat is connected directly in the middle of the boat, offering a stable and high vantage point for fisherman. It has two kinds of seats: inflatable seat (frameless boats) and real boats (metal frame boats). It also comes with rod holders and other accessories to make fishing easier.

So, there are several categories of inflatable boats, with each type having a specific purpose. Therefore, choose carefully with a clear purpose, otherwise, you will find yourself upset about your choice.