Why Dual Flush Toilets?


Conservation of natural resources and energy is one of the key factors for Green Earth. To achieve it, many energy conservative gadgets have been devised. The dual flush toilet is one of these gadgets. It saves water and ultimately cuts your water bills. Magic Plumbing service in San Francisco supports the Green Earth mission promoting dual flush toilet and offering installation and repair services.


What Is The Difference In Dual Flush Toilet And Traditional Toilet?


Traditional toilets have 1.6 gallons of the water tank. When you flush it, 1.6-gallon freshwater is discharged into the sewer. Imagine how much water is wasted in a year as liquid wastes can be drained in less amount of water. Dual flush toilet solves this problem of overuse of water and also provides two flushing options. The low volume flush discharges 0.8-gallon water while high volume option can be used to drain solid wastes. Using a low volume option for liquid wastes, you can save 0.8-gallon water like the latest portable camping toilets. This accumulates a pretty good amount of water over a large time span. Saving water helps to cut down water bills too. If you want to install a dual flush toilet or want to replace the existing traditional toilet with dual flush, call Magic Plumbing and we will do it immediately.


Coral Shower Door


After its beginning in 1976, Coral Shower Doors quickly claimed a place in the manufacturing arena of shower doors. Over a period of ten years, coral has grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of quality bath enclosures. With fewer than 10 employees in 1976, now employs over 400 workers who produce a complete line of shower and bath doors, from a standard bypass, swing and pivot units, to custom designed shower enclosures, built to accommodate most arrangements and sizes. 


From injection molding of plastic and vinyl parts to fabrication of aluminum, to complete assembly, each step takes place under rigid quality standards, resulting in completed products which meet and exceed customer’s expectations.


Committed to service that meets your needs. “Excelling in innovations that work for you!” has become a company motto and philosophy that drives not only the everyday operations but also the plans for future growth.


It is from such a philosophy that many branches of Coral Shower Doors have developed. Early in its history, Coral Shower Doors began its own trucking division, Central Alabama Transport. Realizing that delivery is an integral part of meeting customers’ needs.


In 1989, Coral Shower Doors formed its Glass Division and began producing its own tempered, custom sized glass. Since that time, the glass division has expanded considerably in size and capabilities.


Coral Doors latest endeavor is the development of an Architectural Division. As with other branches of the company, Coral Shower Doors Architectural Division is dedicated to the same high level of service, commitment to customers’ needs, and production of quality and right products.